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Bee Pollen Pills

Excellent and recommended!!! I have lost 7lbs in just two week! I love it, it curbs my appetite and I don't need to control hard by myself like before, I finished...

- Melissa Morazan

6 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang

6 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang
6 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang

Price:   $108.90

100% Natural Product Ensure Health Weight Loss!
Satisfied Customers From All Over the World!
For Men and Women, 15-20 Pounds Less in Just a Month, Free Shipping and 256-bit SSL Secure Online Shopping!
6 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang

According to Chinese traditional medical theory "Medicine and Food are homologous”, Zi Xiu Tang brings you wonderful slimming effect without any side effect, It mainly reduces the fat at waist, abdomen, arms and neck, the weight won’t rebound and no diet restriction

Main Ingredients:
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber

Excepts these extracts, it has several others from Green tea, Rhubarb, Aloe, Cassia, Astrigillis, Polygonum multiflorum, Lotus leaf, Gynostemme, Radish seed, Malt, Mulberry, Hawthorn and Vitamins etc

•Clean whole body of any harmful toxins. Harmful toxins can cause metabolism to slow down, not allowing to loose weight even having diet or exercise. 
•Suppress appetite
•Separate good fat from bad one in body, expelling bad fat out and only the necessary fats will be remained in user’s system. 
•Improve quality of skin and body. Body starts to look tone and firm without any exercise, and meantime face begins to look smoother and younger.

Specification: 250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle
Dosage: Once a day, 2 grains each time before or after breakfast
Targeted Group: Pure fatness, postpartum fatness, people who are unable to reduce and control their weight with proper diet or sports
Precaution: Not for adolescents, elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies

by hilda francis
WOW, wonderful slimming pills for help me, I insisted on taking this pills for a long time, about 5 months, lost 43 lbs in total, amazing result.I love

by Marina Salguero
no change my routine life, the simple way to lose weight, just taking the pill before breakfast, no need to do other things, I love this relax way.

by jenna Diaz
This Chinese weight loss product is an all natural to help lose weight, helped me reduce my appetite,you don't need pay more attention to your diet, it is better if you regular taking your meal match with the slimming pills.

by Amanda samson
I first heard about these pills from my sister and decided to give them a try.

by haley Peralta
I feel great all the time, no side effect. and good effective.

by Andrea Lewis
I bought 3 months’ supply ahead of time and I am currently at 2 1/2 months. At this point, I'm just finishing up this last bottle and reduced 21 lbs, feel satisfied with the result and it wortht of the money it spent.

by Kristi Wheeler
Obvious increase in energy. I actually feel less tired and more motivated to do much. Thanks for the change and would like to use the pills for long.

by Laura Lloyd
Working out and following its instructions on taking the pills 30 minutes before breakfast and drink much water, now I feel my trousers looser than before and have a better mood than before.

by Billie Beck
I have been using zixiutang beepollen diet pills for one month now, and really notice that I am not ravenous all the time now that I am dieting. No side effects to speak of. Highly praise this product..

by Tamara Carpenter
After using this zixiutang beepollen diet pills for 2 weeks, additionally, my belly fat has certainly slimmed down. Pumped about using this product for the next couple of months. Lets Go! Good product for anyone trying to moderate metabolism.

by Carrie Hunt
Since I have purchased Zi Xiu Tang I have had loads of energy. I just started on slim fast for breakfast and lunch .it has really helped curb my snacking. And also my product arrived fast .

by Emily Bilak
Ihave alot more energy than I've had in a long time. The increased energy alone is definitely worth 20 bucks for me! I am excited and people stop me on my weight change.

by Nicole chanthakham
I’ve been using ZI XIU TANG for 2 months now and I’m still using it .This is a great product, with the holidays coming, its going to be hard to resist all those cookies, I will continue to buy this product.

by Darla Taylor
I am not dragging when I wake up. Just to let you know I am in my 50's and think I am HOT, especially since I have lost at least 10 lbs.. I will continue using this product.

by Frodine Iarca
I bought this product to give it a try, and have only been taking it for 13days.I lost about ten pounds using this with a combination of changing my diet habits and portion management and minimal interval training exercises.

by Viktoryia wood
I have been using these ZI XIU TANG for a month now and I can really feel and see the difference on my body. I would recommend these to anyone trying to lose weight and decrease their appetite at the same time. i want to be around 165 but just shred the fat. Hopefully this pill can come through.

by Kyle Marquez
This time, no dieting. I'm tired of bouncing back after all my efforts. So I'm not doing anything different and I've already lost 2 pounds. I'm very happy with this Zi Xiu Tang.

by Georgine OCAMPO
I have been at a plateau for over a month with my recent journey on trying to loose my post baby weight. but with Zi Xiu Tang. I lost four pounds in first two weeks and have been maintaining we're I’m currently at over the last month.

by Sherry Gallardo
I am now 135 and hope to get to 120 for the next 4-6 months. I ate more healthy while using this product, yet still able to go to fast food chain i like every week, I decide to increase the dosage to see if I can receive enhanced effect.

by Margarita Luna
It effectively reduces my appetite and raises my energy level. I have tried other brands and find this one to be far superior. I will continue to use this product and am very satisfied with the results.

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